Poetry & Writing
Untitled Oct 2013

pennies make change

shower, shave

suit, behave

resume haze

need the cash

chase the dream

pay the bills

chase the dream

make the sale

adjust your tie

shake a hand

sign here, here and there

a few extra dollars

a few extra things

wake up, A.M.

repeat it again

biggers sales

expensive ties

shake more hands

initial where you sign

more dollars

more things


Candle wax

no time to sleep

no time to dream

watch others chase

side lines of race

popcorn buttered

contently forgetting

stiffly seeing the sky

and the sun that is setting

- Afrim Gjonbalaj 2013

Lotto Mentality

Dreams without goals are wishes, deferred
A capsized boat looking on the horizon
Street corner hustles and loud mouth talk
Little dogs with big barks
Stark realities
Of Love and fatality
The cop car drives away from the crime
Kids, no education trying to make it with rhymes
The beat up man walks away mumbling, smoke in hand
With what seems a sadness from his youth, unplanned
Babies born
WIC checks the norm
The Lotto Mentality
A dollar and a dream with no goal

- Afrim Gjonbalaj 2008


Gods don’t like when Titans bring the fire.
They fear society’s progression, Losing control.
Hail to the Champions of mankind, Humanity’s hope.

You happen to be, just like I happen to be

I’m surprised by the amount of racism and self absorbed victim mentality presented by what seem to be both academically and “spiritually” educated people, in life and on “social” media. If you believe you are anything other than a human being then you’re caught in one of the greatest lies fed to us. You happen to be, just like I happen to be. I happen to be Albanian, I happen to be Muslim but the given is that first and foremost I am a human being, As we are all. ”The white man is holding us down!”, “It’s the Serbs fault!”, “It will never be Palestine!”, “Sand Nigger!”, “What up Nigga!?”, “it’s the Jews!”, “Look at this White boy!” and the list goes on and on of this ridiculously mind numbing, negative and habitual language. You are not White, Black or any COLOR that was deemed as an acceptable system of labeling humans.

I understand there is family history, tradition, life choices and ways of being that form identity but you happen to be the byproduct of those things. If your beliefs exclude or suggest that you or your group are privy to and are the sole owners of some clandestine knowledge, your wrong. If you are aware of the issue you should work toward fixing it, not justifying the issue. I’m not saying jump up, quit your job, protest and smoke weed while singing “kumbaya my lord” all day. In fact I’m saying take a person in for the their actions not something they happen to be or some habitual form of expression you use, even if a person perpetuates a stereotype your behavior counts.

There are parents that tell their children to “share” but at a kindergarten graduation those same parents and family members are cut throat animals for seats. Ironically they record the whole thing on an tablet and aren’t even present in the moment, all the while being selfish and exclusive. And for what? A shaky pixelated video of the back of a kids head. The saddest thing is letting the price of some crappy video be the sacrificing of your humanity.

- Afrim Gjonbalaj 2013

"Irrelevant + Regardless?… (whips everyone’s ass for using the word) Please, I don’t want no trouble" - Jackie Chan

"Irrelevant + Regardless?… (whips everyone’s ass for using the word) Please, I don’t want no trouble" - Jackie Chan

On the cash register working at the Cafe
Me: Hi
Woman: I don't know yet
Me: ...
Sleeplessly Searching

The late night talks to me in a series of sounds that come from silence, as I wait for some cure to a lack of coherent thought. I see you there, not one, but all. All the qualities of the best of you. From a smile, to a joke, to your music, to the sky which is the limit to our imaginary, one time, long gone love. You’re my chimera: mystical and of many parts, mythically bound to me from a world outside of my own. I see beyond to a creation of my thought, bringing me to the fact that no one in this world can compare to your magnificence. So I search endlessly for you in them, one element at a time. Making you better than you are, forever cursing this failed endeavour…

Afrim Gjonbalaj 2008

Caged Tiger sells Theater tickets…

Head phones in, listening to Royksopp: Remind me. I’m sitting in my cubicle/ zoo enclosure in the middle of a college student union. It creates a kind of surreal moment for me. I wanted to leap at the window, rip all my clothing off and start growling and shouting. Not to scare anyone or assert my dominance but to shake up the day. Shake up the people who use the terms “Nigga”, “White boy” or the person that cuts the line when everyone else is waiting without bating an eye lash, shake up the texters that have forgotten please, thank you and other basic human communication. 

Shout!!! Not just to make a noise but to express something that’s true and longing to get out, feverishly wanting to fly. Not a random popular rappers call, YOUR OWN call, even if it’s silence.

Afrim Gjonbalaj - 2009

"It’s Not A Secret"

It seems many people want to be the “rare exception”, going from A to Z purely off of dreams.

Reality doesn’t work that way.

The farmer knows “You reap what you sow”, not you reap what you dream.

But dreams have their place in the planting of seeds.

When humanity visited the moon it started with someone dreaming with eyes toward the sky enjoying the idea of the dream for a moment.

Then came “could this be real?”, “could this actually happen?”.

In those questions come a true crossroads.

Do you dream and let it fade as it does shortly after rolling out of bed?

Or do you set the dream in your heart as a passion, something to strive for, develop, cultivate & harvest.

A true journey is an endless road where time doesn’t exist, much like a dream.

Afrim Gjonbalaj - 2012